Andreas Spiess visits OpenIoT / TTN Vienna Community Meeting

Andreas Spiess visits OpenIoT / TTN Vienna Community Meeting

19. May 2019 Community TTN Verein 0

We are proud that Andreas Spiess joined our Community Meeting on 17th May 2019 at the traditional Viennese Heuriger Kierlinger in Nussdorf.

Andreas is well known in our group us for his Youtube Channel and 265 videos about LoRaWAN and other electronics. He’s starting most of his videos with the words “Grüezi Youtubers, here is the guy with the swiss accent“. Most of us learned about LoRaWAN and electronical parts for this technology through his explanations.

Andreas Spiess

At this Community Meeting everyone had the chance to make selfies with Andreas, listen to his experiences on running one of the most famous Youtube Channels about electronics and upcoming videos on techology.

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