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Community Meeting 11/2022

Dear all, we are happy to announce the next OpenIoT Community Meeting: Date: 30. November 2022 Time: 19:00 (local time) Location: Campus Bräu, Wiedner Gürtel 1, 1100 Wien, Austria Looking…
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28. October 2022 1
Picture of a community meeting

Community Meeting 12/2020

Dear all,we’re happy to announce the next OpenIoT community meeting.Date: 3.12.2020 Time: 18:00 Location: Online Meeting (Jitsi) We would like to discuss current projects and the state of the network. We’re also very curious to learn…
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24. November 2020 0

Community Meeting February 2020 and update on The Things Conference and LoRa Alliance Member Meeting

Dear all,we have scheduled the next OpenIoT / TTN Vienna Community Meeting. As a group of people from our Community were attending the LoRa Alliance Member Meeting and The Things…
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20. February 2020 0

Community Meeting January 2019 – save the date

The next Community Meeting will take place on the 9th of January 2019! Save the date! More details (time & location) will follow soon. Subscribe to our mailinglist to get…
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23. November 2018 0

Community meeting June 2018

The next community meeting of TTN Vienna (The Things Network Vienna) will be held on 11th June 2018 at Campus Bräu near Hauptbahnhof starting from 18:00! See here for details…
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29. May 2018 0

LoRaWAN Sensor Workshop

On Tuesday, 20th of February we were invited by IoT Austria to hold a Sensor Workshop together with our Verein and the Community of The Things Network in Vienna and…
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21. February 2018 0

LoRaWAN in Vienna – talk at Funkfeuer’s January 2018 MoMo

Our friends at Funkfeuer Wien invited us to hold a presentation on this year’s first MoMo (first Monday each Month is special as there are talks about topics that are…
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9. January 2018 2

Event calendar

Coming events: February 2018 7.2. meet IoT Austria + friends: 15.2. workshop at TTN Niederösterreich: building a LoRaWAN sensor 20.2. workshop at IoT Austria: 21.2. TTN Vienna Community…
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1. November 2017 0