Author: Bernhard Krautschneider

Picture of a community meeting

Community Meeting 09/2021

Dear all, we are happy to announce or next OpenIoT Community Meeting. Date: 16. September 2021 Time: 18:30 (local time) Location: Restaurant Klein Steiermark, Heeresmuseumstraße 1, 1030 Wien Looking forward to meeting you all!

8. September 2021 0
Picture of a community meeting

Community Meeting 12/2020

Dear all,we’re happy to announce the next OpenIoT community meeting.Date: 3.12.2020 Time: 18:00 Location: Online Meeting (Jitsi) We would like to discuss current projects and the state of the network. We’re also very curious to learn about your projects and ideas! Looking forward to meet you guys!

24. November 2020 0
Screenshot of Netidee Blogpost about our attendence at the LoRa Alliance members meeting

Netidee: LoRa Alliance Members Meeting blog post

Check out our new blogpost about our attendence at the LoRa Alliance members meeting at

9. February 2020 0

Community Meeting May – Meet & Greet Andreas Spiess

The famous electronics expert and youtuber Andreas Spiess (the guy with the swiss accent) will be in Vienna and is happy to join a meet & greet meeting with our community.

1. May 2019 0
People chatting while Andi is soldering...

Gateway Workshop

We would like to say “Thank You” to all participants and staff of last week’s LoRaWAN gateway workshop. It was a pleasure to collaborate together, share knowledge and to improve and extend the TTN Vienna network. Special thanks to the guys from Netidee who sponsor the LoRaWAN project that made the workshop possible. There is…
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2. March 2019 0
Bernhard, Peter, and Stefan at TTN Conference 2019

OpenIoT at TTN Conference 2019

The delegation from OpenIoT sends you greetings from TTN Conference in Amsterdam! We have prepared an agenda about things to be discussed and made great progress meeting partners, hardware vendors, and learn about the next steps The Things Network takes regarding TTN Stack v3, which we will host for Vienna/Austria on our platform We’ve had…
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1. February 2019 0
Gateway mit Blick über Wien.

LoRaWAN Gateway Workshop

Update 17.02.2019: The workshop is fully booked out. Netidee Projekt We’re happy to announce our first Netidee Gateway Workshop in year 2019 on 23.02.2019. Special thanks to Netidee for sponsoring our LoRaWAN Projekt and to the ÖBB Open Innovation guys for supporting us with the location! Where/when is the workshop? Date: Satureday February 23th 2019…
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Screenshot of the forum
OpenIoT with Netidee certificate

Netidee project 2018

OpenIoT wins Netidee sponsorship to further extend a LoRaWAN network and it’s use cases in Vienna.

25. November 2018 0

Community Meeting in November!

The next community meeting of OpenIoT & TTN Vienna (The Things Network Vienna) will be held on 21th November 2018, starting from 18:00! at Hotel Schani Wien Hauptbahnhof See here for details on the location: Hotel Schani Wien Hauptbahnhof If you are interested in receiving updates via email in future, please send a message to…
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