OpenIoT at TTN Conference 2019

OpenIoT at TTN Conference 2019

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Bernhard, Peter, and Stefan at TTN Conference 2019

The delegation from OpenIoT sends you greetings from TTN Conference in Amsterdam!

We have prepared an agenda about things to be discussed and made great progress meeting partners, hardware vendors, and learn about the next steps The Things Network takes regarding TTN Stack v3, which we will host for Vienna/Austria on our platform

We’ve had exciting talks with IMST, Semtech and Wifx (producer of LoRix One Gateway and Antennas) about their current products, roadmap and impacts on the release of TTN Stack v3, beside:

  • TTN v3 Stack – the next evolutionary step of the TTN network
  • Semtech reference design – updates and new Semtech architevtures
  • Roaming, peering and Packet Broker – to connect different public and private LoRaWAN networks
  • Sensors – from self-made to industrial devices, including new trends, modems and technology enhacements. Also some interesting general purpose sensors were presented.

Stay tuned and check out the next community meeting (and the forum) for more detailed updates.


A big “Thank you” to Netidee for the sponsorship and making it possible for us to attend at the largest LoRaWAN developer conference

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