OpenIoT is member of LoRa Alliance

OpenIoT is member of LoRa Alliance

4. September 2019 Community Verein 0
LoRa Alliance Logo

We are proudly announcing that LoRa Alliance has accepted OpenIoT as member.

LoRa Alliance was found in 2015 and is a non profit association with more than 500 members. It’s supporting activities around LoRaWAN standard and defines standards for interoperability of products and technology.

Since OpenIoT is dedicated to LoRaWAN we are happy to open new possibilities and chances to our members:

  • attendance to LoRa Alliance Meetings
  • collaboration in LoRa Alliance Working groups
  • chance for an independent LoRaWAN network with globally unique NetID to learn and operate LoRaWAN technology
  • and more offerings through LoRa Alliance

It’s a great way to join the global LoRaWAN community and enable our members for new experiences in this area.

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